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Pure moringa leaf powder

My Moringa is a live moringa oleifera supplement, that is dried at low temperatures to preserve the benefits of the fresh plant. 

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Why Moringa?

Moringa has been used by societies for centuries, and new research is confirming why: Moringa is loaded with health benefits. Historically, people have been using the moringa tree to help maintain good health and nutrition, to boost the immune system, and to boost their energy levels. Now, My Moringa is bringing moringa to you.

My Moringa is a dried, powdered moringa leaf supplement containing…

  • 92 nutrients

  • 46 antioxidants

  • 36 anti-inflammatories

  • 9 essential amino acids

Which means taking a moringa powder supplement can…

  • Reduce cholesterol levels

  • Support healthy glucose levels

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Support overall health as an excellent nutritional supplement

And much more!

Top quality live moringa

Know where your food comes from. My Moringa is 100% Canadian owned and operated, and ethically grown and produced in Costa Rica. 

Choosing My Moringa means choosing a moringa powder supplement that you can trust. From farm to packaging, we take care of it all to ensure the purest product possible makes its way into each tin.

What is a “live” supplement?

My Moringa is considered a “live” moringa leaf supplement because it isn’t dried at extremely high temperatures. In doing so, we preserve all of the nutritional benefits of the fresh leaf. You can be sure you’re getting all the health benefits as advertised when choosing a live supplement like My Moringa.


Grown, dried, and ground in Costa Rica


Costa Rica
to Canada

My Moringa is a Canadian company

We deal directly with moringa farmers in Costa Rica to ensure a high quality product and maintain a good working relationship. Due to this close working relationship, you can feel good about choosing My Moringa.

Pesticide free moringa, grown with natural fertilizers

Our moringa farm is located in the northern mountains of Costa Rica, hours away from any city and 40 km from any neighbouring farms. This ensures that there is no overspray of pesticides from others that would come into contact with our moringa trees. This means we can ensure we have as clean and as natural of a product as possible.

Harvested and prepared with care

My Moringa powder is dried indoors at less than 40 degrees Celsius. This ensures that leaves are still a live organism so we can deliver the best product possible to our consumers and retain all the benefits of the leaves. Our moringa is harvested and ground by hand. We really do put ourselves into our product. 

Working closely with Costa Rican farmers


My Moringa

Just a teaspoon of My Moringa daily can bring you the benefits of the plant.

Moringa is also safe to take in slightly larger doses as well. Learn about moringa’s nutrients and benefits here. You can take moringa powder with just about anything. We like to add it to:

  • Juices
  • Smoothies
  • Oatmeal
  • Chia pudding
  • Tea
  • Salads